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America is a diverse country. One state of this glorious country is completely different from another state. Some states are full of rivers, hills, and canals, some states are full of mountains and deserts. Time and climate also vary from region to region in the United States. In this wonderful country, nature is also different in different regions. And one summer I went to Northwest America to see the beauty of that different nature. There we visited the Yellowstone National Park, a land of natural beauty and diversity. I flew from New York City to Denver. From there by road to Yellowstone National Park. On the way, I was fascinated by the breathtaking scenery of the unfamiliar town of America. As we get closer to Yellowstone Park, we see the dazzling beauty of nature. Dense green ceremony all around. On the way, there are numerous wild buffaloes or bulls in the field. From time to time they are grazing happily.

My personal experience of Yellowstone Tour

Sometimes horse farms are also seen. I walked non-stop towards the park. Here is a row of green hills on one side of the highway. The Yellowstone River flows by its side. On the other side is the aesthetic view of the green chikan popping tree. I walk through this amazing view of nature and reach Yellowstone Park. There are a total of five gates to enter Yellowstone Park. I entered through the Roosevelt Arch at the North Gate. Arch-shaped gate. There is a sentence written in English on the gate. I read that. It reads — ‘For the Benefit and Enjoyment of the People ’meaning‘ This Park for the Benefit and Happiness of the People ’.

Absolutely one hundred percent pure truth. Because, people enjoy seeing the natural environment, natural scenery, various animals, and wildlife of the park. And it certainly improves their body-health. As soon as I entered the park, I realized the truth of this sentence. Around the inside of the park are wonderful green plants, rivers, and aesthetic views of the mountains! That monologue is a true match for the heartbreaking scene. Yellowstone National Park is a national park in America.

You also Know about Yellowstone Tour

Its area is about 9 thousand square kilometers. It is spread across three U.S. states, Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. However, most of the park is located in the state of Wyoming. This scenic park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. I first went to see Hot Spring Village in Yellowstone Park. It is situated in the northwest corner of the park. Its location is five miles from Roosevelt Arch. I walk along the winding path of the park. Along the way, I enjoy the stunning beauty of Yellowstone Park. It was two in the afternoon when I arrived at Hot Spring Village. All-around then the light was shining in the sun. I get out of the car at such a wonderful time of day. I am happy to set foot on the ground in Yellowstone Park. Then it’s time for lunch. So I went to Mammoth Hotel for lunch.

The Map of Yellowstone:


Nice to see the Victorian-style hotel building. Its inner environment was more interesting. The clean hotel furniture was tastefully arranged. Here I see an unbelievable crowd of food customers. Everyone came to have lunch. I stand in line and order food. Smoked veggie sandwich, grilled potatoes, a cup of coffee, and a bottle of mineral water. I satisfied lunch rows with these. Then I went to see Mammoth Hot Spring. Mammoth Hot Spring is a complex of hot water coming out of the ground naturally in the limestone hills. It was caused by a volcanic earthquake thousands of years ago. I walk to Hot Springs. The foul smell is coming out of the hot spring. Understand the awful smell of chemicals.

The situation is just like the Hazaribagh tannery area of Dhaka. Somehow walk with a handkerchief on the nose. There are also no signs of vegetation around the Hot Spring area. All the dead are cleaned in hot water mixed with chemicals. I spend some time here. Then I toured Hot Spring Village. Mammoth is surrounded by gray hills around Hot Spring Village. The color of the soil here is very tan.

In the middle of the hill of Yellowstone

In the middle of the hill, on the plains, there are many beautiful buildings including hotels, motels, and visitor centers. The buildings are built in the architectural style of the British colonial period. It looks wonderful. I took a short walk along the greenery road. I look away and see the aesthetic view of the mountains. For summer, I see a lot of domestic and foreign tourists coming here. After Mammoth Hot Spring I went to see Canyon Village. The distance between these two villages is 33 miles. The car runs through the amazing view of the park. On the way, I see various kinds of wild animals. After an hour the car came to a stop near the Grand Canyon. I got out of the car and stood on a hilltop on the side of the road.

The place is surrounded by railings. So there was no reason to fear. I catch a glimpse of the breathtaking view of the Grand Canyon from here. This is the most beautiful and interesting view of Yellowstone Park, said a park ranger. In fact, that’s it. I enjoy the beauty of seeing such a beautiful scene with two eyes.

Yellowstone River flows downstream from Yellowstone Falls

Here the Yellowstone River flows downstream from Yellowstone Falls. I look at the waterfall in the canyon and enjoy its beauty. The sight of yellow mountains on both sides of the gorge dazzles the eye. The reason why the name of the park is Yellowstone is clear here. The sun then tilted to the west. Light-glittering afternoon of the day. At such a pleasant time I went to see the Old Faithful Geyser. The distance from Grand Canyon to Old Faithful is about 32 miles. I got there in an hour by walking through the park. Get out of the car and enter the visitor center.

There are good seating and dining arrangements here. I ate a couple of cookies and a cup of coffee. Then leave for Old Faithful Giza. What is a geyser? In simple Bengal, a geyser is a natural sprinkling of hot water from the ground. Whose good Bengali warm spring. The Old Faithful Geyser produces warm springs every hour and a half. I sit in the gallery next to the Faithful Geyser to see it. There were many more visitors here. Everyone is anxiously waiting to see the water launch. Finally, everyone’s wait is over. Suddenly I saw a huge stream of warm water coming out of the sky. And it only lasts three-four minutes. Here I see a wonderful form of mother nature.

Old Faithful Geyse

The Old Faithful Geyser has an average launch height of 130 feet. And with each launch, 36,000 to 64,000 gallons of hot water are released. The temperature of this warm water is 95 degrees Celsius. More than half of the world’s geysers are located in Yellowstone Park. The most famous of these is the Old Faithful Geyser. Then the evening passed and the night came. So I woke up from the gallery. Then the whole sky was filled with the clear light of Rupali Jochna.

In such a beautiful moonlight I drove to the motel. It was 10 pm when I arrived in West Yellowstone. I got out of the car and went to the hotel lobby. I had booked the motel earlier. Here I checked in the lobby and took the room key. The name of the motel is ‘Dude and Round-Up Motel’. This motel on Madison Avenue is very old. I unlocked the room with the key with great difficulty. And this is why I feel that the motel belongs to the period of blindness. I went into the room and saw that the furniture was old. I feel a little cold. So when I turned on the heater on the wall, I saw that it was broken. The heater is rusty.

In Night Season of Eating And Sleeping

Kalp was saved because he had an electric heater. But the room was clean. And the sleeping arrangements were very nice. And that’s what makes me happy. I wash my hands and go out to dinner. Next to it is Chinatown Chinese Restaurant. I went to Chinatown restaurant and saw a huge crowd. Because now is the tourist season. After visiting the park, many tourists come here to have dinner. What else to do. I wait a while and order. Eat a satisfying dinner with egg noodles, veggie curry, and fried fish. Then I came to the motel and fell asleep.

next morning

The next morning I was awakened by the sound of wings. The melodious sound of birds sounds very sweet to the ears. I feel nostalgia when I see the solitary-solitary environment called by the green shady birds of Yellowstone Park. I felt like I was sitting in a rural area in a remote part of rural Bengal. Spending the night in Yellowstone Park was a success for me. I take a bath and eat breakfast. Then take a tour of the city of West Yellowstone. West Yellowstone is a small town in the state of Montana. Its location next to Yellowstone Park. The population of the city is very small. In total less than one and a half thousand.

At The End of Yellowstone Tour

There is nothing left here but a handful of houses and shops. The whole city became abuzz with tourist walks in the summer. And because of the heavy snowfall in winter, it then turned into a haunted town. I wandered around the city and came back to the hotel. Then I got ready and went out to see the park again. I left the hotel and went to West Thambo Village. I see many geysers there, big and small. Then walk to the shores of Yellowstone Lake. Huge lake. Its blue water is like the deep water of the sea. I enjoy the beauty of the lake with two eyes. Then we walked through the deep forest of Yellowstone Park to the motel and fell asleep. The next day I returned to New York City with a fond memory of a trip to the quaint Yellowstone Park.

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